Our Thumb Grips use proven materials, like the real grip of a football, basketball, soccer ball or baseball, to improve your thumb grip during any gaming session. The elevated thumb position was engineered to provide additional leverage to maximize repeatable accuracy. 


"...When I received them, I immediately liked how the top looks exactly like a basketball. I put them on in seconds, and it only took a minute of use to realize how much better my thumbs gripped the analog stick with them than without. In addition, it seems like my range of motion has been slightly improved due to the minor increase in analog stick height. This could be a game-changer for E-sports..." (Full Review)

The Geekly Grind (Posted Review: 12/2017)

"I absolutely love my new JoyTops - I use to get cramps in my hands while playing.- My thumbs used to slip off the controller during play - I used to get frustrated at how difficult it was to make tiny movements - I used to have boring looking controllers. NOT ANYMORE! JoyTops has improved my level of play, eliminated hand pain, and given my controllers a F-F-F-FRESH look and feel. I will be gifting these to all my gamer friends.  THANKS JOYTOPS!!"

Bryce Smith

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