JoyTops was born out of a need. Addressing the lack of premium options for gamers to customize & personalize their game controller. Also spearheading the solution to a common issue facing gamers, joystick wear- and-tear

We're not your typical gamers, we're sport fans with a nasty competitive spirit. 

Carlos & Brandon || Co-Founders

They met while working together at Tesla Motors in Los Angeles, CA. Brandon is a New Yorker with start-up experience. Carlos from San Diego, Ca worked in sports radio and currently an student at ArtCenter College of Design. Both played sports growing up and still throw down a mean game of pick-up basketball or an intense gaming session. 

Feel free to hit us up directly, carlos@joytops.com or brandon@joytops.com


JoyTops at the Clippers from JoyTops on Vimeo.